Doing what is right even when it is difficult.

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Nurturing Yourself

Acting from your heart and nourishing yourself boost your wellspring of joy. Women in particular need to consciously refuel their inner resources, say experts. “There’s a tendency for women to give until there is nothing left. That is why it is essential to make time for things that nurture you.”

  • Get a relaxing massage.
  • Speak the truth ~ in a kind and loving manner.
  • Let go of grudges.
  • Connect with nature.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Take a long, luxurious bath.
  • Slow down and enjoy living with awareness.
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Good Vibes Club ~ Emotional Contagion

Spred the love and boost your emotional immunity with these daily practices.

1. Think of something you are grateful for. Make this your first exercise of the day ~ and enjoy the resulting positive energy.

2. Surround yourself with optimistic, upbeat people who see the best in you, in others, and in the world.

3. Make a regular habit of mind/body practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, reflection and prayer to reduce your emotional reactivity.

4. Start a healthy chain of emotions. Try to have a spontaneously upbeat interaction with each person who crosses your path.

5. Remind yourself that negative emotions, however intense, are impermanent: They are part of the changing scenery of our lives.

6. As much as you can, make eye contact with others and smile.

7. Live a conscious life ~ awareness of self and surroundings.

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Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to Indian subcontinent and a form of alternative medicine. Ojas is a Sanskrit word which literally means “vigor”. According to the principles of Ayurveda, it is the essential energy of the body which can be equated with the “fluid of life”. Those who practice Ayurveda say that Ojas is the sap of one’s life energy which, when sufficient, is equated with immunity and, when indeficient, results in weakness, fatigue and ultimately disease.

Ojas Accumulators: sound sleep, gentle exercise, room-temperature water, fresh fruits and vegetables, massage, honesty, being in nature, forgiveness and releasing anger, meditation, connecting with a higher cause, organic milk, ghee, almonds, and honey.

Ojas Detractors: processed food, anxiety and worry, working too much, too much tv, overexercising, lack of sleep, leftover food, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, dishonesty, too much sex.

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Free Workshop on Depression

In any given year, depression affects 9.5% of the US population almost 30 million people. Women are 50% more likely than men to experience depression. For children and adolescents (ages 13 to 18) research show that lifetime prevalence is 14%.

Join us for the Free Workshop on Depression: “Using a Peaceful Mind to Overcome Depression.  For more information visit …

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Cherry Juice to Help with Sleep

Tart cherry juice is rich in melatonin, the sleep hormone that regulates and resets your internal clock. Drink an 8 oz glass in the morning and 2 hours before bed for sweet dreams. To get the full benefit, drink this juice at a scheduled time every day. ~ Dr Mehmet Oz

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Fighting Fatigue

Are you finding yourself dragging … no energy to push on … simply depleted, exhausted and empty? There are many different reasons why one would feel fatigued. The top on the list is over-commitment. We are racing around trying to get everything done for everyone else and forgetting that we just might need to find some time in the day to take care of ourselves. It is ok to say no! What time did you go to bed last night? Sleep is critical for our body to heal and reenergize – going to bed at the same time each night and rising in the morning at the same time is a good ritual to follow. Be careful of your morning thoughts, they can set the tone for the day! Naturally, the foods we eat may effect our energy levels. But, did you consider how much water you are drinking? Fatigue is the first symptom of dehydration Exercise is the number one prescription by doctors to cure the ills of whatever may be attacking us. Many of us are sitting way too much, whether it be at work or on the sofa watching tv. We need to get up and move! Consider reducing your dependence on technology ~ shut down your phones and computers, especially at bedtime ~ you don’t need a phone call or text in the middle off the night disrupting your sleep. Connect with people face-to-face and plan pleasurable activities that get you out of the house and socializing. Pace, plan, prioritize and make time for yourself each day for reflection and self-care.

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